About Elsicon, Inc.

Elsicon is a privately held company based in Newark, Delaware that specializes in optical and electro-optical materials, components and processing systems for information display, storage, communication, and computer applications.  Elsicon’s near-term market focus is to satisfy the needs of the liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturers for non-rubbing liquid crystal alignment manufacturing technology.  In addition, Elsicon directs its efforts to products for use  in authentication, brand integrity, and document security.

Elsicon plans to establish its patented optical alignment technology (often referred to as photoalignment), OptoAlign®, as the new industry standard for liquid crystal (LC) alignment, a critical process in manufacturing liquid crystal displays.  OptoAlign® technology includes materials, processes, process equipment, and devices.  OptoAlign® will be used to align LCs and LC polymer films.  Alignment of the LCs inside the LCD provides the desired electro-optical properties of the LCD and aligned LC polymer films applied to the exterior of the LCD further improve the LCD optical performance.  The OptoAlign® technology for LC polymer films can be leveraged into products for authentication, brand integrity, and document security.

Longer-term, Elsicon will leverage its LCD related expertise into a variety of new products for non-display and non-security applications, such as high capacity information storage and optical signal processing. Such products include liquid crystal based storage media, liquid crystal diffractive and holographic elements, phase and polarization devices, and fast optical communication devices.  

Elsicon has achieved significant milestones since it began independent operation in April, 1997.  Leveraging technology developed under an Advanced Technology Program (ATP, for more information visit www.atp.nist.gov) awarded in 1993 by the Department of Commerce, Elsicon was awarded a contract from the United States Display Consortium (USDC, for more information visit www.usdc.org) in 1997.  Under the USDC contract, Elsicon has scaled up synthesis of OptoAlign® alignment materials and developed ultraviolet UV exposure equipment for research and development, pilot line, and mass production of LCD products. The marketing and sales support for materials in Japan, Korea and Taiwan have been established.  In September, 2000, Elsicon relocated to new facilities in Newark, Delaware.  OptoAlign® product evaluation is currently underway with manufacturers of LCD products around the world.

Last updated 9/28/06