Polarized and Unpolarized UV Exposure Equipment

Elsicon offers research and development (R&D) ultraviolet (UV) exposure equipment and custom UV exposure equipment for pilot and mass production.  Our specialty is high power polarized UV light useful for creating anisotropic properties (optical, electrical, and mechanical) in monomers and polymers.  Some applications include optical alignment (photoalignment) for liquid crystal displays (LCDs), optical alignment (photoalignment) of LC polymers useful for functional optical films (compensation films, plastic wave plates, authentication devices), and optical and electrical devices based on the anisotropic materials. 

We have a patented modular approach to our exposure equipment.  Therefore, components optimized for research and development are fully scalable to pilot and mass production systems.  We can expose substrates and webs of any size using our modular approach.  Elsicon has expertise in a variety of polarizing technologies such as dielectric, wire grid, Brewster angle and film polarizers and lamp technologies such as microwave, arc and excimer.  The choice of polarizing and lamp technology depends on the needs of the customer and application.  

In addition, Elsicon has extensive experience with unpolarized UV exposure systems.  Often customers require unpolarized and polarized UV systems in order to manufacture their products.  For maximum flexibility and ease in maintenance, we offer both systems using the same modular approach.  

Elsicon models, designs, engineers and/or manufactures UV exposure equipment.  We have designed UV exposure systems that are unpolarized or polarized with a variety of polarization directions.  These systems can include automated angle of incidence adjustment for polarized exposures, inert atmosphere for unpolarized and polarized exposures, and variable peak irradiance for unpolarized and polarized exposures.  Please view the links on the left  for more information on our R&D and custom UV equipment.

Last updated 9/28/06