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OptoAlign® materials are designed specifically for optical alignment (photoalignment) of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), LC polymer films and devices.  Elsicon, Inc. has formulated a family of OptoAlign® materials based on polyimides that provide excellent thermal, optical, and electrical properties.  Non-polyimide formulations of  OptoAlign® materials are also available for a variety of applications.

The OptoAlign® technology is a non-contact, dust and static-free alignment process that increases yield and enables new LC display modes. OptoAlign® materials, processes, and equipment use Elsicon’s proprietary technology to provide a turnkey non-rubbing alignment process for LCD and LC polymer film manufacturers. For example, OptoAlign® developmental materials for TN, STN, AMLCD, Multi-Domain, VA, IPS and FLC display modes and LC polymer films have been demonstrated.

Application and printing of polyimide-based alignment layers is commonly practiced by LCD manufacturers. As a result, the physical and chemical properties of polyimide and its various solvents are well understood. Therefore, manufacturers can leverage their existing knowledge base when using OptoAlign® materials for LCDs.  For other applications (e.g., LC polymer films), Elsicon has formulated OptoAlign® materials to meet the requirements of the specific application (good adhesion, different solvent formulations for different substrates and coating methods, etc.).  Elsicon has successfully coated a variety of substrates including TAC, PET, glass, active matrix, metal and metallized film, and ITO. 

Elsicon is currently sampling the OptoAlign® developmental materials to potential customers for evaluation.  If you are interested in discussing your optical alignment needs, please contact the representative listed below.

Example Specification Sheet

OptoAlign® Alignment Materials for LCDs


RD100 is a polyimide type of optical alignment coating. RD100 solution is formulated with the appropriate co-solvents for uniform printed films. RD100 provides superior optical alignment properties when used with Elsicon’s proprietary processes and exposure equipment. It is a developmental material and should not be analyzed for content. No OptoAlign® process license is expressed or implied with the purchase of this developmental material.

Typical Properties: Since materials are developmental these are nominal values


Clear pale yellow

Solid content







g-butyrolactone and butyl cellosolve

Water content



Impurity (Na, Cu, Fe)



Curing Condition: No cure or 60 minutes at 80-180C

Coating: Standard

Printing method 3 - 5 wt% solution, thickness is approx. 500Ĺ for 5wt%

Cure: Standard

90C for 1min


Ultraviolet exposure, 0.1-1.5 J/cm2 depending on the application.  Typical is 0.2-0.5 J/cm2


Keep in freezer < 0oC

Avoid exposure to moisture


  • 250 ml, 500 ml, or 1L polyethylene bottle

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