Pretilt Analysis System

PAS-301 Pretilt Analysis System

  • Affordable pretilt measurement of antiparallel and TN liquid crystal test cells and LCDs up to 200mm X 200mm
  • Complete mapping capability for 100mmX100mm liquid crystal test cells and LCDs
  • Determination of empty cell gap
  • Reference sample for independent testing of system performance
  • Compact design
  • Fast acquisition and analysis of data
  • Includes a notebook PC
  • PASS acquisition and analysis software designed for Windows operating systems

The PAS-301 Pretilt Analysis System is a research and development tool designed to provide an affordable means for determining the pretilt of antiparallel and TN liquid crystal test cells.

Pretilt is a critical physical parameter for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Without pretilt, transient and permanent defects in the orientation of the liquid crystal degrade the optical and switching performance of the LC cell. These defects lead to poorer contrast, brightness and viewing angles.

LCD manufacturers evaluate and test many new alignment polymers and liquid crystals for LCDs. The type of alignment polymer and liquid crystal can have a dramatic effect on the pretilt of the liquid crystal display and, therefore, manufacturers monitor pretilt as part of their evaluation. It was for this purpose that the PAS-301 was designed and engineered.

The PAS-301 Pretilt Analysis System can be used with antiparallel, TN, and VA test cells. PASS acquisition and analysis software for the Windows operating system collects and processes the data in less than 1 minute. The system includes a reference sample for independent confirmation of system performance. The compact footprint of the PAS-301 makes the system ideal for environments with space limitations.

Elsicon is currently marketing the PAS-301 Pretilt Analysis System. If you are interested in discussing your pretilt measurement needs please contact the representative listed below.

General Specifications

Control Interface: Notebook computer with Windows operating system and A/D card
Digitization: 12-bit resolution, PCMCIA Type II compatible
Cell Geometry: TN or antiparallel, > 3mm gap for TN, > 10mm gap for antiparallel
Max. Cell/LCD Size: Approx. 200mmX200mm; Approx. 100mmX100mm for complete mapping of pretilt over the area of the cell/LCD
Throughput: Less than 1 minute per cell for acquisition, analysis and display
Pretilt Evaluation: Near planar (Approx. 0o - 25o)and homeotropic (Approx. 70o - 90o) measurements, fitting of numerical models to digitized data
Reference Sample: MgF2 reference crystal for independent testing of system performance

PAS-301 Optical Specifications

Optical Source: Automatic power stabilized laser diode, 635nm wavelength, < 0.5mm spot size
Polarization: Selectable polarizer and analyzer for TN or antiparallel cell configurations
Rotation: Computer controlled, 140o scan @ 10o/sec, 0.01o resolution, automatic determination of normal incidence direction
Detection: Amplified silicon photodetector
Optical Enclosure Dimensions: Height: 38 cm, Length: 45cm, Width: 38cm
Optical Enclosure Weight: Approx. 25Kg

PASS Acquisition and Analysis Software

Platform: PC Windows operating system
Features: Instrument control, data acquisition, automated and manual numerical fitting with 32 bit code, document storage and retrieval, experimental and numerical data exporting and importing capabilities
Cell Gap: Analysis of empty cell transmission as a function of angle can be used to determine cell gap via a fast FFT algorithm (Approx. 3 - 25mm)

System Requirements

Voltage Requirements: 100-120VAC, 50-60Hz, single phase

Specifications subject to change without notice. dows


Wayne M.Gibbons
Elsicon, Inc.
Tel:(302)266-7030 ext.11

For Japan:

Mr.Masaru Inoue
Toyo Corporation

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