Test & Measurement Systems

Elsicon established optical and electrical characterization systems for the LC based products in order to develop materials, processes and exposure equipment for the optical alignment of LC based products.  As a result of these efforts, Elsicon offers bench-top and in-line measurement systems for determining optical, electrical and physical properties of LC based products.   

The Pretilt Analysis and Voltage Holding Ratio Systems measure pretilt of the liquid crystal in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and voltage holding ratio of LCDs, respectively.  These systems are used in research and production environments.  Please follow the links on the left for more detailed specifications on these systems  

Elsicon offers bench top and in-line monitoring (pilot and mass production) systems for measuring

  • Retardation, 
  • Film thickness, and
  • Direction of the fast or slow axis (birefringent axes) of optical films.  

Also, we provide bench top and in-line systems for monitoring exposure equipment 

  • Peak irradiance, 
  • Energy density, 
  • Extinction ratio, and 
  • Polarization direction.  

These systems are designed to map out these product and/or equipment properties in the direction of motion (down web) and perpendicular to the direction of motion (cross web) of the substrate or web.  Therefore, they are well suited for batch and web based (roll-to-roll) processes used to manufacture LCDs and optical films, respectively, and can be scaled for testing large areas of product quickly and accurately.  Please contact Elsicon directly for details regarding these systems since many of them are custom engineered to specific customer requirements. 

Last updated 9/28/06